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Kenny Grubaugh

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Kenny Grubaugh

Kenny Grubaugh, 66, of Meeker, a member of the Norman High class of 1966, died Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014.

Charles Kenneth Grubaugh was born in 1947 in California to Charles WIllis Grubaugh and Vada Ilene Brown. He was their only child.

He married Dianne Anne Vyscokil in the early 1970s. They had three children: Whittni Brook Grubaugh, Tobi N. Grubaugh and Joshua Brock Grubaugh.

The family lived in Arizona for a number of years but eventually Kenny and Dianne moved to Colorado.

Kenny and Dianne divorced in January 1993 in Jefferson County, Colorado. He never remarried. His wife and three children were all still living at the time of his death.

  Charles Willis Grubaugh (1924 - 1954)
  Vada Ilene Brown Warren (1927 - 2015)

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09/09/14 07:44 AM #9    

Mike Johnston

He was one of my heroes in High School for many of the same reasons that people have posted comments  about him on the NHS Website. The quality of Kenny's life shows through in the quality  of the comments about him. My he rest in the peaceful nature of the comments about his life.

In Pax-Veritatas.

09/09/14 08:01 AM #10    

Pam Faubion (Troup)

I guess every girl at NHS had a crush on Kenny. What a great guy!  Sorry to see him go, but he has joined a lot of good ones who went before him!  Blessings to him and his family. 

09/09/14 01:57 PM #11    

Nina Bettis (Williams)

Kenny' s family lived in the same neighborhood of several classmates.Jerry Stevens, Joe Helm, Greg Owings,Kathleen Lester,Rick Matthews, and my family. My older brother hung out with the older brothers. We knew the neighborhoods were safe.Those were special times Kenny had a great place to share with so many friends.Now he joins many again.

09/13/14 08:17 PM #12    

Carol Hickman (Haynes)

My heart is saddened to know that we will not get to see Kenny on this earth ever again. He was such a nice guy and a friend to all he came across. He certainly made a difference to me at NHS! He was a wonderful guy and friend. RIP Kenny.

Carol Haynes

09/14/14 05:05 PM #13    

Bobby Davis

Kenny and I went to join the Air Force together. He failed the physical for a bad knee he recieved playing football. We had a lot of fun times together. I remember going over to the old Daylight Donuts which his parents owned and his Mom giving us donuts. Does anyone know if his brother is still alive?  R.I.P.  my friend.

09/15/14 03:37 AM #14    

Rich Eubanks

Bobby, wasn't his brother's name Johnny Warren?  I think he was a year older.  And I'd almost forgotten about Daylight Donuts.  I remember one time Kenny and I tried to see how much jelly we could get into the jelly filled long johns!

09/15/14 01:33 PM #15    

Nina Bettis (Williams)

Kenny' s brother, John, passed away a few years ago. Dean, Kent Marshall , and Jack Davis were always at garage working on cars. John came by. He also had struggles. He was living with an aunt at Meeker at the time of his death. Perhaps, Kenny was living close by as well. Kent says that  they handed out donuts at the window till the folks arrived.:) I do not about older brother.

09/17/14 08:53 PM #16    

Gary Adams

I remember Kenny, his brother, and I got  into a little trouble in summer before 5th grade at Jackson Elementary.  We pulled a loose letter from the Andrew Jackson letters off the wall.  I, too, forgot about Daylight Donuts!  Ate a few driving around with Jeff Weimar senior year.  Sorry to hear of his and others passing, hope he was at peace, nice guy, remember him in football at West and NHS. 

06/18/15 10:18 AM #17    

Barbara Orth (Boggs)

Thinking of Kenny puts a smile on my face, as it clearly does to so many others. What a great legacy to leave, warming our lives and our memories all these years. We were lab partners in Mrs Brandt's biology class. Fortunately for me,Kenny loved dissecting all those disgusting specimens. We laughed our way through that class! Thanks for the memories!  

06/18/15 10:24 AM #18    

Jim Sandefer

Kenny was always an upbeat guy who could put a smile on your face. He will be missed, and may he rest in peace.

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